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The Brahman World Congress is one of the most important events in the livestock world, and this year Colombia will once again have the privilege of being the venue for the 19th edition, which will be in Bucaramanga from the 24th November to the 2nd December. Due to its climate and soils it is one of the regions that stands out for Colombian cattle and Latin America.

Colombia has been the venue for this important event on three occasions, one of which was twelve years ago in the city of eternal spring, Medellin, there were more than two thousand international visitors from 18 countries, ten thousand nationals, 174 exhibitors and around 1,400 head of cattle on exhibit.

Asocebú and their marketing department (Comercializadora) will hold an event that will be more interactive and didactic, as it will have two days of visits to farms, conferences dictated by several experts and there will be space for panels that will expose the success stories of farms, both Colombian and foreign, as well as from pure and commercial livestock issues.

There, attendees will have spaces where they can ask questions of the experts. In one of these. Mr. Enrique Sánchez from Rancho Chapopote in Mexico will be one of these representative success stories, because his ranch has been the winner of several Cebu cattle exhibitions in his country and has a great reputation internationally.







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In addition to this, reproduction, genetics and nutrition will be protagonists, since the demand for meat around the world is becoming stricter every day and Brahman cattle have established themselves as the strongest beef cattle. Also, the traceability of livestock in Colombia has had a successful expansion, thanks to the implementation of race crossbreeding programs, where breeders of pure and commercial cattle have benefited.

For this new edition, experts and professors from South Africa, Australia, United States and Mexico have been invited. One of these speakers will be Mr. Johann Zietman, who is a recognized cattle rancher from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, and will address the issue of simplified livestock selection and fertility as a neglected selection trait.

Likewise, Dr. Temple Grandin will be present, who will give a talk about low stress in livestock production and the Mexican, Carlos Galina, veterinarian and zootechnician and professor of the Autonomous University of Mexico, will give two talks, one of which will be focused on alternative management to reduce postpartum anestrus of the Cebu races.

Also, Stephen Moore, Director of the Centre for Animal Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, of the University of Queensland and professor of this same university will be attending and he will speak about the sequence of the Australian Brahman genome as a new tool for better genetic prediction in cattle adapted to the tropical climate. Colombia will also have representatives in this congress with professor of the University of Caldas, Héctor Aricapa, Andrés Arenas, executive director of Asocebú, Germán Gómez, technical director and Ariel Jiménez, coordinator of research and development.




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