Dr. Moore is Director of the Centre for Animal Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
He has over 30 years’ experience in bovine genomics including Chair in Bovine Genomics, which established and led with success at University of Alberta, Canada. There he mentored many of the emerging young scientists across a number of disciplines in large animal science.


Multiple projects aimed at identifying genes underlying production and quality traits in cattle have been successfully completed, with a number of gene tests patented and commercialized.
He founded Delta Genetics Company in Alberta, which provides services such as genotyping, sequencing and biobanking for the Canadian livestock industries and developing technologies to improve selection and breeding technologies. He is still active as a Board Member in this company.
He was the Director of the Canadian Farm Animal Genetic Resources Foundation and has led or participated in research groups, with a number of projects examining the genetic basis of feed efficiency in cattle, establishing the group as a leader in this field.
Over his career, Dr. Moore has supervised 7 research associates, 10 postdoctoral fellows, and 22 graduate students. He has over 155 publications in peer reviewed journals, 6 patents awarded and multiple predictive gene marker tests have been commercialized for cattle.
Dr. Moore has been a participant and invited speaker at numerous international conferences and fora, and has given multiple presentations to industry in Australia, Canada, Brazil and the USA.


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