Sr. Johann Ziestman


Mr. Zietsman is a renowned livestock breeder from Zimbabwe. He received his BSc in Animal Science Cum Laude from University of Pretoria. He withdrew to any research activity, in order to manage his family ranch and later his own ranch.
He developed the Veldmaster (Africarne) in 1989 by combining an early maturing Beefmaster with African Sanga / Zebu in order to overcome the climatic, nutritional and disease limitations of a tropical environment.

He was a world pioneer of Ultrahigh Density Grazing (UDA) and developed selection criteria and breeding / management practices allowing:
 Accurate selection for fertility
 Accurate selection for efficiency of grass conversion
 Effective composite / crossbreeding systems
 Maximum fertility in the seasonal rainfall tropics
 Increased stocking rate
He has been invited to speak at conferences in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Australia, and various seminars and on-site consultations in the following countries: Brazil, Mexico, Zambia, South Africa, and the USA, amongst others.
Is the author of “Man, Cattle and Veld”; this book covers the theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable cattle management allowing at least a doubling of profit / ha relative to that achieved by conventional management.


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University of Pretoria, Sudáfrica




Cattle selection should be simplified
- Fertility: a neglected parameter