Sr. Lee Leachman

Graduated with honors from the prestigious Harvard University, founder of composed breeds in several continents and Manager of Leachman Cattle of Colorado, top 5 of companies with the highest sales of bulls in the United States.


Mr Leachman’s cattle breeding enterprise in Colorado, USA, has been instrumental in the development of the Stabiliser breed, a composite designed to deliver the benefits of hybrid vigour in a highly efficient suckler cow.


Leachman's company sells seed stock. Leachman's goal is to help producers select for profitability. Over the past couple decades, his company has seen success using expected progeny differences, but things really have taken off even more using RFI information. It's allowed him to weed out cattle who eat more and grow less.

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Harvard University


United States


Designing the perfect cow
Selecting for more probability from birth until slaughter

Official speaker - World Brahman Congress XIX

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